Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Gained This Week :(

Well I suppose it eventually had to happen. Today when I weighed myself for the week I discovered that I had gained 600g. Not good but I think it is the kick up the bum I needed to get well and truly back on track.

Other than that nothing exciting has been happening on the weightloss front. I spoke with the president of the cycle club. Found out that they are all seniors, however it isn't just for seniors and they do have some school teachers that ride with them in holiday time. Their rides are usually 35-45km each Wednesday. I would collapse after riding that far I think lol. I am still thinking about whether to join them for part of a ride.

I am still aiming to enter the City To Surf (when I get around to completing the entry form). Adro and his trainer have arranged accommodation at the Marriot in Parramatta and also a great dinner the night before. There is going to be guest speakers, prizes etc. Sounds like a great night.

Oh well better go.

I am also setting up a blog for my everyday life stuff and will include the joys of having a teenager etc etc lol. I will put a link to it on this blog when it is set up.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm sooooooo Slack

Here I am back again. I have been so slack with my blog it's not funny.

I suppose it's because I haven't really had much to report on the weightloss front. For the last 3 wks I stayed the same weight. We have had a sick household with the dreaded cold/flu hitting everyone. I had it a few weeks ago and now have it back again. What joy.

Today was weigh-day and I am very pleased to finally see the scales moving down again. I lost 1.6kgs this week bringing my weight loss to 21.8kgs.

I thought I would post my Wk 7 goals for the LITS Challenge here:

Get over this cold lol
Walk at least 3 times this week
Increase my fruit intake
Drink 2L of water/day
Lose 500g

For some reason I have noticed that I'm not eating as much fruit as I was, and should be, so my aim is to increase that again this week.

I still have to register for the City To Surf yet must hurry up and do that.

Well I promise, promise, promise to update my blog again tomorrow (even if I have nothing exciting to say).


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not much happening with me at the moment so I've been a bit quiet here. Over the last few weeks for some reason my exercise has dropped right off. At the beginning it was sickness but I really have no excuse for the last couple of weeks.

I have decided to pull out of the FOH Challenge as my mind really hasn't been on weightloss etc as it should be for such a challenge. Ray has put so much work into this challenge and I really don't think I deserve to be a part of it at the moment. That is not to say that I am giving up in any way. I am still committed to my weight loss and I am aiming to get my exercise back on track asap.

I am lucky that I have not put weight on over the last few weeks. I'm very surprised about that. Last Thursday I weighed myself and had lost 200g for the week.

Depending on the weather tonight (hubby has soccer training if weather is ok), I am going to go to the gym. If I can't go tonight i will definately be there tomorrow night. It is pelting down outside so I can't even get out for a walk. I was planning to go for a ride with the kids if the weather was nice. That will have to be postponed.

I had a lovely morale booster/feel good moment yesterday. We have a friend that is a postman and occasionally he does our street. We probably haven't seen him for more than 3months. Anyway, yesterday he came to the door and when I opened it he said "You've lost weight - you've lost a lot of weight". I was a bit embarressed as I never know what to say lol but I thanked him for the comment and we had a lovely chat. It was very motivating for me as he is probably the first person who I don't see regularly to comment on my WL. People who see you all the time don't really notice it as much.

It was also good because even though I can tell I've lost weight when I look in the mirror I don't see much change. I think that this is where people (myself included) can lose motivation and revert to old habits quite easily. So it is good to get comments like the above occasionally as it lets you know that there is a noticeable change.

At the moment I am debating trying Body For Life. There has been a lot of talk about it and I thought it might be good to shake things up a bit. I won't be able to start for a few weeks as I have to get the books. I have a few questions about the program such as: can you do more than the recommended exercise - I enjoy doing classes but I'm not sure if they would fit into the program as I think the cardio is based more on Intervals? Therefore the classes would need to be on top of the cardio and weights for the program.

I also don't really want to use protein powders but I'm pretty sure that it isn't a must for the program.

The other thing that I've been thinking of doing is jogging. I have no idea really how to start but it is something that interests me. I would have to invest in a good sports bra as running along and getting a black eye is not my idea of fun. I am also a bit self-conscious and I always think people are watching me and laughing. I would have to overcome this too. The thing that worries me about jogging is the injuries that I read about. I suppose a lot of this is due to poor technique/inadequate footwear so I would need to research that.

Anyway this is where I am at now. I will be aiming to get to the gym tonight and if not tonight due to hubbies soccer it will be tomorrow night for sure.

Back tomorrow to report that I went to the gym!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Getting Back On Track

Well I am happy to say that I am now getting back on track with my exercise. Due to illness and then a family drama I haven't been able to/felt like exercising. Yesterday though I got back into it with a 45min walk. I included some hills and even did some running. What a sight that must be - me running along with one hand holding my boobs down lol. I need to go and invest in some good sports bras and then I think I could really take to jogging.

My new niece, Rochelle Erin is now home from hospital and still as gorgeous as ever. I have a new photo to show off (I promise its the last one). On Monday when we visited the hospital we had a run in with my SIL, however as my brother knows (and admits) that we weren't in the wrong I am hoping that it will not turn into a long silence as it did the last time we had an argument (7months). Oh well I am not going to stress over it as there is nothing I can do to change the situation. I just have to wait for my sister-in law to approach me.

This afternoon I am going for another walk and then Thursday morning its gym for Step class and Friday morning hubby and I are going swimming.

That's about it for today. I am just so happy to finally be able to say that I am getting back on track with my exercise.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy 13th Birthday Brooke and Welcome Rochelle Erin

What a day!! Well today was our daughter's 13th birthday. Talk about making me feel old lol. Can't believe I have a teenage daughter. We didn't do too much in the way of birthday celebrations today as we have a birthday dinner planned for tomorrow night. Brooke is also going to the movies with a couple of friends before the dinner.

The day started with watching the soccer and then Cameron went off to work and the kids went to school. I got a bit down as we found out that none of Cameron's family are coming to the dinner (originally they all were). I think Brooke was a bit upset that they aren't coming so I was a bit peed off. So what started off as being all the family celebrating her special birthday it is now just us, my mum and 2 of her friends. I also have ordered a cake that is for over 20 people and it can't be frozen! Not happy Jan. Anyway that's enough of that.

Brooke had a great day at school, with her friends taking in cake and balloons to celebrate with her. Oh they also got her a crown which she proudly wore around all day (and night). She got money off us for her birthday and we went clothes shopping and quickly spent that! She got a beautiful gold charm bracelet with pendant watch off my mum and a denim jacket off my brother and sil.

The other exciting news.......... I have a new niece, Rochelle Erin. She was born at 1.52pm on the 22nd June and weighs 7lb 6oz and is from memory 56cm long. She doesn't feel that heavy though and is petite. My brother finally rang this afternoon around 3.30pm to tell us and said that we could go up tonight to visit if we wanted. Seeing as how I just love babies we went up tonight for a quick visit and we all got to have a cuddle. My sil thinks that Rochelle looks like my mum.

Seeing the new bub has made me even more cluckier (if that is possible) and poor Cameron is going to be gently persuaded (nagged) even more now.

Seeing as how this entry has been about Brooke and Rochelle I have included a photo of the birthday girl with the new bubby (oh and my hand as I was paranoid that Rochelle was going to fall through Brooke's arm).

Be back tomorrow.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Day Of Mixed Emotions

This day is going to drag I think. My brother and sil are having their 2nd baby today and I accidentally found this out. They have a few strange ideas and one is that they don't ring any family until at least 24hrs after the birth. Not even a quick phone call to let us know and then they ring when up for visitors. With my nephew it was 3 days before we were told. So today I will be sitting here all day wondering if baby has been born, whether its boy/girl, how they are etc etc. I wish I'd never found out it was today. Oh well not much I can do about anything I suppose.

Weighed myself this morning for LITS challenge and I've lost 2.6kgs since last Thursday!!!!!!!! Unbelievable. I can only put this down to a lot of fluid retention. This brings my total weight loss to 20kgs. I can't believe it. Even though I still have 15kgs to get to the top of my healthy weight range, I feel like my end goal is in sight.

Well I'd better go and keep myself busy so this day doesn't dragggggggg on. I'm waiting for the rain to stop so I can get out for a walk.

Be Back later.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cold, Cold Go Away!

Hi Guys,

If only this cold would go away I'd be a very happy camper. Having said that I am feeling much better today and am hoping to get to the gym tonight. I was going to go during the day but it is raining here and I don't think walking in the rain would do wonders for the cold lol.

Nothing much has been happening with me this week. I went out for lunch on Monday with Mum and the aunts which was nice. Got lots of compliments on my weight loss which was great for my morale. I am going to have to get lots of exercise in this week as I'm going out again for dinner on Saturday night and then lunch again on Monday to celebrate and aunts birthday. Not good lol but I'm not going to stress. I will do as much exercise as possible and eat as well as I can when out.

This Friday we have our daughter's 13th birthday. Very scary to think we will officially have a teenage daughter even if she has been acting like a teen for a few years now. The dinner on Saturday night is a family dinner to celebrate her birthday. Camerons family is coming plus my mum. Not sure if my brother will be coming as they are having a baby tomorrow (but shhhhhh i'm not supposed to know its tomorrow ..long story there). I think they will be ringing us on either the Friday or Saturday to let us know bubs is here but I'm not sure if I will be able to get up there before Monday to see them. I'm sure that's going to go down well but not much I can do with hubby working and me working at various times over the weekend.

Anyway that's enough of my family dramas lol. I weighed myself on Monday for the FOH challenge and got the hugest shock............. a 1.6kg loss from last Monday's weight of 88.2 (LITS weigh in on Thursday was 88.6). My weight on Monday was 86.6kgs. I can only put it down to the dramas that I was having with my cycle and that I was retaining heaps of water. It will be interesting to see what my weight is tomorrow. I haven't been able to do my HR assessment as I have been to ill to go to the gym. I should be doing that tonight though as well as a class.

Oh well that's about it from me, be back either tonight after gym or tomorrow.